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Learn all the calculus prerequisites for the Physics Olympiad — for free.

Calculus is the language of physics and higher math. To do well in the Physics Olympiad, regardless of which stage you compete in, calculus knowledge is essential. You can spend a few months going through a content-packed AP Calculus course online, or you can spend just a few days on this guide, which provides only the essential calculus knowledge you need for the Physics Olympiad with no irrelevant information. Save time for your actual physics preparation, for free.

100+ pages of written handouts & practice problems at your disposal.

We have condensed all the basic calculus knowledge you need for the Physics Olympiad into 21 unique handouts, spanning a total of just 100+ pages. We implement a highly efficient learning model, where every handout contains multiple calculation exercises as well as complex word problems to immediately polish one's understanding of challenging concepts taught just before. Each of our 21 handouts is free to access and can be easily explored on our handout page.

Highly qualified instructors from around the world.

To ensure a quality educational experience, our team is comprised of highly qualified high schoolers and college students from three continents, whose extensive math and physics background have been recognized nationally and internationally, from International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) medalists to USA Junior Math Olympiad (USAJMO) qualifiers. Our team of experts here at Calculus Primer will guide you to your success — at USAPhO & IPhO, and beyond.

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